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Music to Keep Pop Punk Alive
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Ever felt like someone had full control of you? No matter where you run off to you see them in EVERYTHING?! We Were Sharks puts that into perfect words with a song that gets stuck in your head before the first verse even starts!

“Hotel Beds” released in early 2018 under Victory Records off of their album Lost Touch, immediately starts off heavy and strong with super catchy guitar hooks, huge drums and by the time the first verse starts you’re almost singing along. The head banging starts at the beginning and continues for the entire 2 minutes and 35 seconds. When I heard this song for the first time, I’d only heard half of it before I’d added to my everyday playlist!

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About The Curator - Blake Byrd

Blake Byrd - Music to Curator

My name is Blake Byrd I live in Los Angeles, CA. I play in a band called FLOCK, and I love Pop Punk. How many difficult times have these songs gotten you through and how many times have we celebrated to them. None of us can even begin to forget a summer at Warped Tour, so together lets #KeepPopPunkAlive.