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Taking a more alternative approach this week, I was excited to discover the Young Lions from Brisbane Australia. Released this past September, their single "Help" A song that I think we can all get behind, is not only a cry for help that we all need with lines like "Scared that we've got no one to help" or "when you get scared of yourself". The whole song is Extremely relevant with all of the mental issues that are becoming more and more accepted.

Yes the lyrics are great, but i'm not dismissing the instrumental either! A rocking lead guitar line and a drum kit with a snare that sounds like it's in your face! What's not to love about this one.

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About The Curator - Blake Byrd

Blake Byrd - Music to Curator

My name is Blake Byrd I live in Los Angeles, CA. I play in a band called FLOCK, and I love Pop Punk. How many difficult times have these songs gotten you through and how many times have we celebrated to them. None of us can even begin to forget a summer at Warped Tour, so together lets #KeepPopPunkAlive.