Yogya Modi
Hi! I am from India and I listen to crazy amounts of music. I was introduced to the paradise of music back when I was six years old, with the evergreen track, Numb, by Linkin Park. Ever since, I have actively seeked and shared music with and from every person I have met (I have attended school in multiple cities and have met different kinds of people). I also enjoy collecting new music from less popular sources like TV ads and radios in showrooms and restaurants. I don't care what genre of music I am listening to as long as it gives me "the chills" (a.k.a frisson or goosebumps). However, in recent times I have developed a strong interest in Chill Electronic Dance Music. In order to keep the chills strong, I have made it a point to never loop tracks I have already discovered (ironically, my playlist's name is Music to Loop Forever). I do this so that when I listen to an already discovered track again (after a long while) I can truly experience and appreciate the pleasure it gives.