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John has been a serial entrepreneur in the music business since 2014 when he founded Beckler Entertainment, a marketing, advertising and publishing firm that serves the independent music business worldwide. Recently, John has helped bridge the gap between music and film by launching a film distribution and production company, , to open further TV/FILM placement opportunities for artists.

Find John and Beckler on Instagram at @thereal_jstrawn & @becklerent

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Music To Win To

Music to Win To - Playlist by musicto

What does it mean to WIN? In the journey of life, we seek to satisfy the human condition of gratification. Relationships, Love, Success, Family or Spirituality, in the end, we are all seeking something.

Winning is not to be confused or construed with the result, but with the PURSUIT.

No matter what pathway in life you choose to seek, true winning only occurs when your persistence trumps what others perceive as reality
— John Strawn

Music to Win To is a playlist designed to feed the urge of pursuit and stimulate the champion within. Success in life, regardless of the endeavor,  is driven by the voice within. Feed that voice with the right music to rue the day and become a winner on your own terms.


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