Meet The Curator: Noka Agudah 

Noka Agudah  musicto Playlist Curator

A football-loving intellectual property lawyer passionate about music, sports and all things entertainment. A hopeless hip hop romantic with love for great music, awesome books and fantastic TV shows/movies.

I have the best moments when my headphones are plugged in and I’m on stage (in my head of course) performing at a sold-out concert, when my team thrashes Real Madrid FC (yup! You guessed right- Visca Barca!), when I get lost in a really good book, when Messi scores a ridiculously awesome goal or when…okay okay you get it, I have lots of awesome moments for which I’m always thankful for!

Trying to live my best life doing stuff that make me happy and putting smiles on faces of people anyway I can- one smile at a time 😊. A happy girl enjoying every moment life brings my way 


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I get it, you want to be left alone; all you want to do is walk on the street, hop on the bus or train, stay indoors and just plug your earphones in but the thing is, you also want the music drifting into your ears to be music that makes you feel like you are not all alone, you want it to be music that makes you have so much fun like you’re in a room full of people with the same music taste vibing to your favourite musicians.

This is an eclectic mix that takes you on a musical journey rapping along to your favourite rapper on the streets of Brooklyn, to dancing azonto on the streets of Accra, to learning new slangs from the ends on the streets of London, to vibing along to the drums on the streets of Lagos…yea you get the gist.

This is to get you happy and having fun no matter your mood while discovering new music from around the globe.

And oh! I just realized this might be the perfect playlist for a silent disco ha!

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