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My name is Blake Byrd I live in Los Angeles, CA. I play in a band called FLOCK, and I love Pop Punk. How many difficult times have these songs gotten you through and how many times have we celebrated to them. None of us can even begin to forget a summer at Warped Tour, so together lets #KeepPopPunkAlive.


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"Warped tour will be remembered, but Pop Punk will never die!"

Just 'cause Warped Tour is coming to an end, doesn't mean pop punk is. All of our pizza eating, vans wearing, only black wardrobed, head banging and moshing family will continue on! There's so many Pop Punk bands on the rise that would have played Warped Tour in the future, but they won't. Instead We are here to help each other discover them all. From the east coast basements, to the Midwest, Socal and beyond. Lets come together. Don't be selfish. Share all the good music in the world, so that others can feel the same joy as you!

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