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Music to The Ocean & Beyond - Playlist by Musicto

Welcome to……..the Ocean and Beyond.  The title of this playlist suggests songs of the ocean, water, wild and free and maybe some songs of the moon and stars…..It did start out that way, but once given breath, chose a path of its own.  Now a metaphor for the world within all of us, the ocean is deep, mysterious, calm, wild, somewhat undiscovered and certainly impacting on its surroundings.  

What lies beyond the horizon, the known line? What lies beyond what we can see?  Our own unique perception dictates how we see ourselves, and our world.  What if we knew what created our perception, what it was made of? We might find that our perception has blocked us on our path towards our dreams, alignment and balance.

If you seek to know just a little bit more, to really know what you see, if your dreams are more important than being right, then you have come to the right place.  To question and observe and contemplate your reality, and seek to improve it from the inside out.  This playlist and the accompanying writing work together, to open your perception to pondering a different way, this duo of expression, music and reflective writing, seek to take you to the Ocean and beyond, to the horizon and more, if you seek why or maybe, why not?

A mixed folky genre, nothing too heavy or light, usually an acoustic guitar matched with great lyrics.

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