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MUSIC TO Come Down To

So that’s it, it’s been a great night saw your favourite band, supported your favourite band are in your favourite band and the gig is over. So what next? Well obviously bed because everyone needs their beauty sleep but how exactly do you get from the adrenaline rush of being on stage to those dreams where you’re headlining Glastonbury where crowds are chanting your name? This playlist is the answer, and yes it is scientifically, well sort of, there’s been a bit of testing on the 2am post-gig drive, so if nothing else it is roadworthy.

As your curator on this journey I know just the right way for us to get there, think of me as the R2D2 of managed responsible comedowns, and yes I do put warnings on extra sleepy songs for drivers, it is a requirement of us all here at Music to ;)

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