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MUSIC TO Go Underground

When you think of the word underground what does it mean to you? Maybe you imagine underground worlds or your city's subway system. For me underground has a strong significance on the type of electronic music that I like to listen to in the club.

As electronic music became more popular the sound became more commercialized and house and techno began to go in a direction that was friendlier to the normal listener. Here we aim to take things back to the rawness that made house and techno music so exciting when it first hit the scene in the 80s.

Still today you can find producers who are giving the grittiness and rawness to the underground sound and keeping it alive. This playlist aims to present to you the best of the world of house and techno. This is the music you can expect to hear on the dance floors of Berghain or Panorama Bar and many other staple clubs of Berlin.

The goal is to make you dance and to appreciate music that is not only cutting edge but never forgot its roots and will help you get lost in the music.

Curated by Matthew Pentycofe - James Demon

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