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If you already live in a busy city like New York or LA or Chicago, then you understand how overwhelming it can be. Everyone constantly has somewhere to be, or someone to see, and in that they become desensitized to how magnificent the city they live in actually is. They fall into a routine of constant behavior–they go to the same clubs, the same restaurants, the same neighborhoods.

There are so many hidden gems that they miss out on just because they never go out of their way to find new places to explore–they never get lost. When you're lost in a big city you start turning corners and going down blocks and little crooks in neighborhoods and a lot of the time you end up finding things you never knew were there, whether it be cute little antique shops or glorious art murals painted on the side of buildings.

This playlist is for everyone who has gotten used to their environment and are missing out on the opportunity to explore. Put this on and start walking. Get lost in the city and the music all at once, let it consume you. Get distracted and see where you end up.

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