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This song isn’t overly complicated nor is it overly angsty. Instead, it’s a catchy tune that lightheartedly mocks the unwanted attention that pretty girls in male-dominated industries have to face. Sure, being a pretty girl has its advantages but sometimes it can also feel like a curse. Free drinks, VIP treatment, and backstage access aren’t really advantages anymore if you suddenly have to worry about owing a dude something, or fearing for your safety when you walk back to your car at the end of the evening.

I was at Tech Open Air (a tech conference) this past week and coincidentally received a free ticket from one of the organizers because I'm a woman and they wanted more females in attendance (ADVANTAGE.) Overall the experience was great, though I wish there had been more female speakers, or female oriented workshops and satellite events. Out of hundreds of events, I only saw a handful that were geared specifically toward women.

During one satellite event sponsored by Fidor Bank, a very drunk man stumbled over to me and asked me how I liked the presentation (DISADVANTAGE.) Because I had my networking hat on (figuratively speaking), I responded confidently and professionally. After he interrupted me to ask me where I was from, I started to understand what was really going on. He wasn’t networking, he was flirting, (sorry, he was TRYING to flirt) He asked me another question and I told him he should probably get lost since he wasn't interested in having a conversation. He tried to defend himself before stumbling away. 

Ladies in male dominated industries, we have an uphill battle to go. Luckily we have an army offemale musicians, like Dream Wife, cranking out empowering tracks to serve as our soundtrack/ battle cries. 

“I am not my body, I am somebody.”

Dream Wife is composed of three girls from Brighton, London, and Reykjavik. They met at art school in Brighton and decided to form a fake girl bad as an art project. After writing a few songs, making a mockmuentary, and performing at the art exhibition, they started getting booked for real gigs. They are currently signed to Enfer Records. 


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