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If I could have picked my own voice, I would have certainly chosen something other than this nasally one I’m currently rockin’. Instead, I’d much rather sound like Marissa Paternoster. I know what you’re probably thinking, “WHO THE HELL IS THAT?” 

First of all, why are you screaming? 


Second of all, Marissa is the lead singer of Screaming Females (which is disappointingly comprised of only one screaming female quiet dudes.) 

I actually discovered this band in the most ridiculous way ever. I was at the gym (not the ridiculous part, keep moving), watching YouTube videos on the elliptical (ok, that’s more like it), when I found this cover of Taylor Swift’s banger “Shake it Off” (don’t ask me what I was doing that resulted in me landing on a Tay Swift song, sometimes these things just happen.) When Marissa delivered her version of this song, I got fucking goosebumps (and also the urge to run.) From that day forward it is my go-to “run like a motherfucking madwoman” song. 

Unfortunately, that version isn’t available on Spotify (and thus not eligible for this playlist) but the Screaming Females do have plenty of other jams available for your listening, moshing, running, smashing the patriarchy pleasure…like this one.

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