This song reminds me of an awesome sign I saw at the Women’s Day March a few months ago. “We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn’t burn.” 

It takes a while for this song to build but then around the 2:00 mark the song finally breaks and a wave of badassness rushes through my whole body. 

How can one song make me feel so empowered? 

Why the hell do I have a sudden urge to dance wildly in a forest, barefoot, with the cold earth beneath me?

Around the 4:20 mark (no pun intended) I find myself slipping into a saxophone induced trance. Before I know it, I’m channeling my inner Amazonian warrior.

It must be hard being so statuesque, people just want to look. But you put all these things back to bed when you kick off your shoes. 

Priestess. Priestess. 

You dance, you dance, you dance. 
— Priestess - Pumarosa

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