I am so glad to be a contributor for this playlist. As I'm growing older, I realize more and more the importance of female solidarity in my life. And while these words may have a pretty elevated ring to them, female solidarity starts with quite simple, everyday things. 

The ability to acknowledge the mundanity of life along with the simple fact that no matter how hard we might try to be our best selves, no one can really steer clear of crappy days. 

So I guess a lot of the songs I'll be featuring will be about heartbreak, disappointment, failure, and so on. Just cause it is so uplifting to know that whatever you might be going through, someone else has been there before. And there's no point in pretending that the Instagram perfect version of your life is the only one you got. That would be boring too. 

The song is "Dear Darkness" by PJ Harvey, from her 2007 album "White Chalk". I truly love all the tracks there - the music is intoxicatingly sad and the lyrics are just a beautiful, honest account of being heartbroken. I've chosen this second track because of this very interesting way she's addressing sorrow - "Won't you do this for me, dearest darkness? And cover me from the sun?". 

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