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I was waiting for a really good moment to introduce this guys. The band that is keeping the american rock n roll legacy active and strong even if the last two albums are sounding a bit british, which is not bad but we have Arctic Monkeys for the british rock n roll legacy.

I need to confess that the day I associate Dave Grohl Foo Fighter's leader with Dave Grohl Nirvana's Drummer, was a bit too late (6 years ago... I know!!! I'm sorry!!!). A friend of mine with who I used to talk for days about any kind of topic music-related where we will have different points of view in order to argue about it, invite me to his house to show me his last acquisition: Nirvana's With the Lights Out album. By that moment I was trying to get all Foo Fighter's discography in order to give it a listen and then discuss about it with him.

Okay let me explain something here. My Philosophy with music in order to discuss about bands is a bit tedious but it's the only way I can actually make a real opinion about it.

First of all, I need the whole discography: EP, Compilation, Live Albums and Studio Albums. I need to see the art on each album case (if there's a vinyl I look for the pictures on internet because I don't have my precious vinyl player...yet). While I'm listening to the album, I read the lyrics, I listen to the mixing, I investigate about the band at that moment, hit's on that age and their influences.

After my melomania was clearly explained, let's go back to the story. So, I went to my friend's house and we were giving a listen to that nice album. I don't precisely remember at which song it happened, but I saw there was an album case of Foo Fighters on top of his collection. It was Wasting Lights album.

That was a clear conversation opener because I was looking to get all their album before starting to listen to them. There is when listening nirvana I said "This guy... the singer, looks familiar to me...". My friend immediately stop the music, stood up and said "Get out of this house, now!... Dave Grohl is the singer of Foo Fighters... Please get out".

My friend is a massive Nirvana's fan and I said that. Is like when I went to see harry potter 7 with my friend without watching any of the others and said "Who's that guy without a nose". I didn't get kicked out from that one, but I had to remain in silence the rest of the movie and be forced to see the second part a year later.

That day, I re-listened Nirvana's Discography and went straight into Foo Fighters' discography.

Ladies and Gentlemen, After Led Zeppelin and The Beatles marathon there's nothing better than a Foo Fighters Marathon (and if you add the Nirvana marathon, it's much better). The history on that band, the hits they have, the pleasure of re-listening all the albums again every time a new album comes out to see how much are they evolving. The music-videos they have are really funny and they got Tenacious D in one of them (Learn to Fly by the way, which also I strongly recommend the Rockin' 1000 cover).

This guys today have the Legacy of Rock n Roll and they are making the best of it.

Enjoy this week of Foo Fighters!

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About the curator - Rodrigo Medrano

Rodrigo Medrano - Curator of Music to Open Another Door

At a very early age, music had an incredible impact on Rodrigo’s life. He was never able to listen to lullaby songs; instead he was served Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the age of 12, he became a melomaniac, collecting albums, EP’s, recording sessions, and researching every kind of genre. All this helped him to get his first job at a recording studio where he realized his life would forever revolve around sound and music.

Working on cruise ships as First Audio Technician allowed him to let loose his passion and expand his knowledge on psychoacoustics, eventually promoted up to being in charge of sound for the hit broadway shows: Rock of Ages and Burn The Floor.

His music library will never stop growing as his melomania will get worse and worse.


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