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As an Argentinian I feel allowed to say we have the best crowd in the world. Videos will be shared to prove this is not just a thing I say, it's a fact. But, this is not because people are crazy (not just because that...). We have been fed with excellent national music through the past 40 years and I'm not talking about quality on recordings and punk rock disasters.

I had the chance to see different live events around the world and people live them in really different ways. You have countries they go to enjoy the band and their performance; There are other countries that a live gig is a party to get drunk and jump with the music; There many other ways that other cultures live a live gig. Then it's Argentina...

We don't just go to see band, we go to be the band's show. Is not enough for us the idea of listening the band's song, jump and sign them, no. We need to go a step forward. We have to be louder than the band, we need to jump almost the whole song and between each song we make songs for them. This may sound crazy, but is our way to welcome every band to come to the end of the world. If you have the chance to come and see a gig in Argentina, DON'T LOSE THAT CHANCE EVER!!!!!

We have a phrase that says "La calidad bien entendida empieza por casa", which means that the best quality starts at home. Having said that I'm going to introduce this band explaining a bit of my culture from my own experience.

As I was born in the 90's and my dad working on a radio Rock n Pop, by the age of 2 I was listening to Guns n' Roses and Patricio Rey y los Redonditos de Ricota with a paddle racket as a guitar running around the house. Skipping up to an age where I start going to concerts, I started going to a famous blues band call Memphis la Blusera. And those gigs were massive parties with the audience, the musicians were having their own show just chatting with us and playing some song making arrangements with audience. There was always a really close relationship between band and audience. Then I went to see my first favourite national rock band, Los Piojos. Those were bringing national rock icons to play with them and the gig/party (with Los Piojos it was called a ritual) was a big euphoric explosion every time.

I thought I would never see something crazier than that, until I went to a rock festival and I met Kapanga!, Punk party band. The singer is the king of frontman crowd control (never met someone in my life that can control a whole stadium like that), that gig was crazy and impossible to not go crazier as you realise that you know all their songs as they are in all the dj compilations in your country.

Of course I said "There's nothing stronger than Los Piojos" and before them that same festival a band that is described as the plow truck of rock n roll got on stage... Dividos...

Ladies and gentlemen, I've seen so many bands, national and international, but I've never seen anything as powerful as this power trio. Way too much power, way too much funky, way too much party, way too much everything. They are a living legend of the Argentinian Funk Rock.

The sad thing of all this, most of this bands are from the 80's/90's and made me think that the future of our rock will die with that generation... Until 2013...

I was studying for sound engineer and I was assisting to some recording sessions of the university at the greatest recording studio in national rock history. Normally it used to be just hired professional musicians to play a little bit of jazz and let students play with recording techniques and then mix them. But this year was different, Mustafunk appeared in the studio.

There was an obvious clue that band was going to play funk (just in case, "funk" it's in the band name), but as they are playing for free (they were trading it for raw files recording at that studio with all the equipment) the expectations are not really high. Big Mistake!

This band showed me and most of us in the studio that they are a clear example of the next generation rising with the best of our gold generation of national rock. I'm not kidding guys, this guys made the recording sessions a massive party! and even if they were recording in a controlled space, you could feel all the power they have and their beautiful funk. Little detail about the sessions, on the second song the drummer (amazing girl drummer) broke the kick pedal in half! BROKE A BLOODY KICK DRUM PEDAL IN HALF!!!!!! that is power!!!!

Now it's pretty easy to conclude as the song I'm sharing this week it's how they opened the presentation of their last album. If they were powerful on a recording session, just imagine how it could be live....

Now after many many paragraphs, Ladies and Gentlemen, It's a massive honour to share with you, from my amazing country, the new gold generation of funk rock: MUS TA FUNK!!!!

Top hat Salute for everyone!

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About the curator - Rodrigo Medrano

Rodrigo Medrano - Curator of Music to Open Another Door

At a very early age, music had an incredible impact on Rodrigo’s life. He was never able to listen to lullaby songs; instead he was served Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the age of 12, he became a melomaniac, collecting albums, EP’s, recording sessions, and researching every kind of genre. All this helped him to get his first job at a recording studio where he realized his life would forever revolve around sound and music.

Working on cruise ships as First Audio Technician allowed him to let loose his passion and expand his knowledge on psychoacoustics, eventually promoted up to being in charge of sound for the hit broadway shows: Rock of Ages and Burn The Floor.

His music library will never stop growing as his melomania will get worse and worse.


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