Well… Jack White… What else can we say about “different” after saying that name?

Named the Willy Wonka of Rock n’ Roll by The Rolling Stones (very well named actually). This living creature shares with us how versatile he can be throughout the album Behind Me Satan, 2004.

My Doorbell should be maybe the first song of this playlist just to follow the idea of this cool door we are going through. Just a piano and a really basic drum groove is what he needed to make this catchy tune; adding it to this playlist it maintains the good vibes even if we never heard it before.

There are many songs from well known people that are made to be discovered. I’m talking about the songs you find only if you really like a band. This Willy Wonka has loads of treats all around his discography and you are always very welcome to visit his factory in Nashville.

You can learn more about The White Stripes here:

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About the curator - Rodrigo Medrano

Rodrigo Medrano - Curator of Music to Open Another Door

At a very early age, music had an incredible impact on Rodrigo’s life. He was never able to listen to lullaby songs; instead he was served Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the age of 12, he became a melomaniac, collecting albums, EP’s, recording sessions, and researching every kind of genre. All this helped him to get his first job at a recording studio where he realized his life would forever revolve around sound and music.

Working on cruise ships as First Audio Technician allowed him to let loose his passion and expand his knowledge on psychoacoustics, eventually promoted up to being in charge of sound for the hit broadway shows: Rock of Ages and Burn The Floor.

His music library will never stop growing as his melomania will get worse and worse.


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