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A pair of angry bastards, loud as hell.

That's how they describe themselves and it's way too accurate. Let me explain.

When you listen to power duos, you get exactly what the genre states: POWER. You also need some head banging to the riffs, and of course some heavy rock shaking as the drums are blowing up your brain. I think I just relate well to this type of music. Well, these guys… They bring the power out of hell and continue this dominance through each and every song.

Solid album, solid order of songs, blasting lyrics and almost non-stopping power (they also build up power on some songs before going full throttle): these are the four phrases to describe this band.

We can say that they have influence from some famous power duos, but their sound is completely original. Featuring as 50% of the band, the drums are completely out of this world, with versatile grooves and an authentic style. The other 50% is a tough ask, requiring enough power to balance with the drums. HFJ found this with a combination of well-constructed guitar riffs and a voice that will make its message clear through a blend of medium-low vocals and some yelling, resulting on a perfect complement and consolidation of what HFJ is.

The consequence? A massive load of a pair of angry bastards, loud as hell.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Alex Trewhitt and Josef Karl - Hell Fire Jack!

Top hat salute!

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About the curator - Rodrigo Medrano

Rodrigo Medrano - Curator of Music to Open Another Door

At a very early age, music had an incredible impact on Rodrigo’s life. He was never able to listen to lullaby songs; instead he was served Guns n’ Roses and Aerosmith for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

At the age of 12, he became a melomaniac, collecting albums, EP’s, recording sessions, and researching every kind of genre. All this helped him to get his first job at a recording studio where he realized his life would forever revolve around sound and music.

Working on cruise ships as First Audio Technician allowed him to let loose his passion and expand his knowledge on psychoacoustics, eventually promoted up to being in charge of sound for the hit broadway shows: Rock of Ages and Burn The Floor.

His music library will never stop growing as his melomania will get worse and worse.


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