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The first track from Massive Attack’s Protection Album, is Protection.  Featured in Rolling Stone’s Coolest Albums of all time top ten, it is definitely worth checking out. The trip hop sound created by Robert “3D” Del Naja, Grant “Daddy G” Marshall and at the time of Protection’s release in 1994 Andy “Mushroom” Vowles is Massive Attack. Several Artists perform vocals for Massive on the album, Tracy Thron of Everything but the girl, performing on this weeks track, Protection.

We all need protection sometimes, from ourselves, from others or just the world in general.

I’m not talking about the kind of protection that is provided by someone else, or causes us to be guarded, ignore our feelings, get angry, or stop connecting with others.  I am talking about a better kind, so that we can feel compassion, and feel protected at the same time. 

If you feel like you need some time away from people, places, behaviors or thoughts, it is important that you do that.   Hearing our needs and respecting them, shows us that we respect ourselves.  We begin to trust that we are in good hands, in our hands.   By setting boundaries and sticking to them (most of the time), the trust we have in ourselves grows.   By honoring ourselves, our inner strength begins to form into an iron bar, our personal power expands, and expands, and expands.

When you are around someone without personal power, and you think you have to fix them, don’t.  By making space and time to be with them, hearing them, just as they are, offering no more, they will see that they are heard and acknowledged, this alone is healing.  This simple act of being there, sung beautifully by Tracy Thorn, describes not only how to help another, but how to help yourself - You can’t change the way she feels, but you can put your arms around her.

Through periods of change we may feel like we have left our known self behind, stepping out of that old form, moving into a new form, a new way.  We can see those around us fully formed, full of power and ability, synchronicities are often for them, like a barrel in a lock aligning. For us, in this transition to feeling fully formed into our new self, we can only witness these acts of personal power.  Choosing to see them from knowing eyes, knowing that we too, will soon act from this state.  With discipline to hearing and honoring ourselves, we will form a better kind of protection. A compassionate power, a true protection enabling us to really be ourselves and connect with each other, without fear of being hurt or giving a piece of ourselves away.

Tracy sings, could you forgive yourself, if you left her here, just the way you found her….What if you were her, and you found yourself in need of a gentle ear, could you just be there and hear?

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About the Curator: Erin Murray

Erin, a Mother of 1 little man and wife to 1 big man has learnt much about herself in the past few years.   After moving from the city to the bush (near the Ocean), there weren’t as many distractions as she had become accustomed to, in a smaller community she lost her anonymity and slowly began to become aware of herself, her feelings, the life she had created for herself and her relationships with others.  Seeking change from the feelings and behaviors which had become her normal, she sought out methods to do just that.  Slowly at first, then a bit more and a bit more she is becoming aware of what she actually wants for herself and has begun removing the things that aren’t that, inside and out.  Learning about faith (not religionJ), fun and how to be gentle with herself and others along the way.