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Sometimes you forget musicians are real people, I know I do when I hear the clean craft of Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson. Absolutely unique, their sound blends pre war hill country and delta blues with early Australian folk and traditional Celtic styles.  Hat Fitz an Australian bluesman and Cara, born in Ireland, were drawn to music independently developing their own style before meeting and creating a new sound together.  Hat Fitz on guitar, Cara on fife and drums the duo effortlessly create and deliver real emotion and truth.  Power is the first track on the Wiley Ways Album, voted Blues Album of The Year 2012 by the Australian Blues Awards. 

I am awed by those who have dedicated themselves to a craft, finding a joy in something and following that truth, no matter the obstacles.  This is the way.  I was astounded when first hearing that Hat Fitz and Cara lived nearby.  Down to earth, open and generous, I caught up with Cara in person to chat about this week’s track. 

Cara, inspired by Nina Simone’s Sinnerman and Carrie Robinson’s energetic performances on Maxwell Street in the 60’s, drew on the word “Power” appearing in both Nina and Carrie’s music.  Cara wrote the lyrics and Hat Fitz created the riff, set to a 1940’s gospel beat the duo incorporated a call and response to the arrangement, adding to the gospel feel.  Not a religious song, Cara explains that the song is for anyone wanting to feel more strength and belief within themselves, and Hat Fitz just likes the way it makes him feel.

To me when I hear this track, I think of empowerment, empowering myself and empowering others. The need to be “right” or in control can easily overtake a moment with someone needing a friend, and in that moment an opportunity to hear their voice and build trust has either been won or lost, this choice is often made without thought, but can be caught if you begin to hear your voice.

When we react to something with anger and blame we can tumble into a spiral of disempowerment.  If we choose to see ourselves in this moment and ask why am I angry, why am I hurt, we just might get an answer, giving ourselves the opportunity to see and dissolve something we are ready to let go of choosing freedom over control and power over blame.

Do you give others the time and space to have their voice? Do you give yourself the time and space to speak with your own voice?

Anger, cheap and easy gives us a false sense of power, short lived it is like an adrenalin shot, we use this to get on the other side of hurt, without thinking we are guarding ourselves from further hurt. 

It is getting pretty obvious that conflict does not stop conflict, nor does hate stop hate on a small or a large scale, maybe if we stopped trying to “fix” the outside world and focused on “fixing” ourselves, growing our personal power our world would start to reflect a genuine power with the courage to see and hear itself.

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About the Curator: Erin Murray

Erin, a Mother of 1 little man and wife to 1 big man has learnt much about herself in the past few years.   After moving from the city to the bush (near the Ocean), there weren’t as many distractions as she had become accustomed to, in a smaller community she lost her anonymity and slowly began to become aware of herself, her feelings, the life she had created for herself and her relationships with others.  Seeking change from the feelings and behaviors which had become her normal, she sought out methods to do just that.  Slowly at first, then a bit more and a bit more she is becoming aware of what she actually wants for herself and has begun removing the things that aren’t that, inside and out.  Learning about faith (not religionJ), fun and how to be gentle with herself and others along the way.