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This song talks about change and waking up, how are they linked?  When we sleep our senses are dulled, our eyes shut, we relax and allow for a rest period, sometimes dreaming but not always remembering or understanding them, safe in our chosen shelter.

I Awake, eyes open, senses keen from lying dormant, body ready for challenge, mind ready to seek purpose.  Sarah sings with a powerful energy, focused, building and clear, is this what I need to stay awake?

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About the Curator: Erin Murray

Erin, a Mother of 1 little man and wife to 1 big man has learnt much about herself in the past few years.   After moving from the city to the bush (near the Ocean), there weren’t as many distractions as she had become accustomed to, in a smaller community she lost her anonymity and slowly began to become aware of herself, her feelings, the life she had created for herself and her relationships with others.  Seeking change from the feelings and behaviors which had become her normal, she sought out methods to do just that.  Slowly at first, then a bit more and a bit more she is becoming aware of what she actually wants for herself and has begun removing the things that aren’t that, inside and out.  Learning about faith (not religionJ), fun and how to be gentle with herself and others along the way.