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From the Album, Based on a True Story, the Gentlemen at Fat Freddy’s deliver to us a powerful message, without ego straight from the heart, to me this is truth. Can I see myself in that split second before I speak in anger, and decide to speak from the heart without the need to win, can i speak my truth? Maybe….sometimes.

I was hanging onto pain and anger from the past, these emotions creating stress and tension in my body, slowing consuming me.  How could I let them go, and why were they there?

Learning not to ignore my feelings was the first step for me, and once I opened the door to change advice came from many sources.  As they say “When the student is ready the teacher appears”.  I learnt to be a student of my life, seeing each experience from a different perspective.  This enabled me to start the release.  I wrote, I scribbled fiercely and ranted uncensored hurt and pain down on paper, then burnt it.  Removing its power over me and, removing it from existence.  The relief was immediate, I was a little bit lighter.  Now I have tools to help myself, I really can change…..hope creeps in. 

As I began to feel different, my curiosity grew, I came to learn that my beliefs created my perspective and my world.  I dove into the abyss, with a fear of discovering how I became this person, of unlocking a pandoras box of pain, I continued.

I have started to see a path for myself, not a path created by the belief of others, the should’s and the have to’s.  I now reveal things to myself to resolve, learn from them and heal.  Sometimes I fall down, and a little voice reminds me to be a student, don’t get stuck in the story.  I pick up my pen and I write and burn and more relief comes.

I feel now, and it is better.  I am not without fear, but now have faith and must continue to find freedom from my past.  As more of these stored emotions and fake beliefs leave me, I find more of myself, and I like it.  

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About the Curator: Erin Murray

Erin, a Mother of 1 little man and wife to 1 big man has learnt much about herself in the past few years.   After moving from the city to the bush (near the Ocean), there weren’t as many distractions as she had become accustomed to, in a smaller community she lost her anonymity and slowly began to become aware of herself, her feelings, the life she had created for herself and her relationships with others.  Seeking change from the feelings and behaviors which had become her normal, she sought out methods to do just that.  Slowly at first, then a bit more and a bit more she is becoming aware of what she actually wants for herself and has begun removing the things that aren’t that, inside and out.  Learning about faith (not religionJ), fun and how to be gentle with herself and others along the way.