MUSIC TO The Ocean And Beyond

 Music to The Ocean & Beyond -  Playlist by Musicto

Welcome to……..the Ocean and Beyond.  The title of this playlist suggests songs of the ocean, water, wild and free and maybe some songs of the moon and stars…..It did start out that way, but once given breath, chose a path of its own.  Now a metaphor for the world within all of us, the ocean is deep, mysterious, calm, wild, somewhat undiscovered and certainly impacting on its surroundings.  

As changeable as we are, this playlist includes artists from the past and present, across genres, Pink Floyd, Pharrell Williams, Fat Freddy’s drop, Jollie Holland, Ryan Adams and Willie Nelson. Music, born of emotion can draw out a hidden feeling or memory within us, not to hurt but to heal.  Speaking to more than our ears, we feel it in our body, sing it with our voice and know it in our heart. Sometimes all the talking in the world can’t describe that one line in a song, a real way for us to acknowledge our feelings and ourselves.   Philosophical, this playlist explores states of being, acceptance, frustration, anger, power, truth, love, control, the list goes on and on….how do we arrive at these states and sometimes the most important how do we get out of them.  

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