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I have been following these two girls on Instagram for quite some time but I have just dabbled into their music to find out that I absolutely love them. They are the new age Floetry. Jorja is also a new singer that I have grown attached too. Hearing their beautiful melodic voices over this beat gave me chills. The song starts off with saying "oh I am a whole world..." and who does not want to consider themselves a whole world to give to someone. 

When I listen to this song, it makes me think of something I would sing on my wedding day to my husband. The beat isn't the same throughout the whole song, towards the end it switches up and takes all of the background noise and leaves a real soft tune playing in the back as the girls sing together, and other spits some dope stuff. Produced by Proda, who is completely dope all around, he uses some sweet harmonic textures throughout the song to ease the mind.

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About The Curator - Bria Robinson

Bria Robinson - Music to Curator

Originally from Columbia, SC, Bria Robinson grew up in Harford County Maryland. An Alumna from the University of Maryland, College Park... Bria had her own radio show on campus where she hosted the show alone for 1 year, and brought her friends along to co-host the following 2 years. This is where she found her love for radio and is working towards the goal to become a radio Program Director.

Bria is someone who can get along with anyone, if she’s not talking about music, she’s making everyone laugh. She believes music soothes the mind and soul, and is excited to share this playlist with you all.

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