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Arguably the biggest song in africa this year by the biggest pop star in Africa. IF is a refined romantic music with cautious brittle vocals produced by Tekno.

This is the sound of the moment , the best case study material for the most popular and trending sound out of West Africa in 2017 called “ PonPon”.  A frictionless blend of soft synth and Ghana highlife percussion.

David Adedeji Adeleke popularly knows as Davido is a Nigeria pop star born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. His interest in music surfaced while attending Oakwood University in his late teens, and he started making his own beats and experimenting music production.

He came back to lagos , Nigeria to embrace and focus on his music professionally and has since then been unstoppable with multiple hits track back to back before signing on a major deal with RCA records in 2016.

Davido’s unintentional voice breaks was very clear and sharp on landing to the soft piano, and percussion instrumentation curated from Ghana.

The opening line of the track “IF I tell you say I love you” brags about Davido’s ability to sweep away his lady of choice with luxury and huge wage of cash. I suspect this is an easy writing process for him, as the young man was brought up from a very wealthy family background .

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My relentless  passion for music has been well documented through my lens as  an amateur DJ from college days then  to working as a trainee stage manager for a Live band , and further evolving into a different role as an artist manager / A&R consultant for indie artist .

Curating beautiful sounds comes to TJ easy due his greatly soft obsession for music.

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