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Alright - time to get down with some classic ambient, chill out, new age, relaxing music to write to. Looking for a simple sonic groove that delivers the tranquility of the sunset yet with enough action and interest that it can hold you and take you along for the ride - check out this track from the rather talented Frank Iengo.

Here’s what Frank had to say when he sent the track it:

I love to produce instrumental music like soundtracks, relaxing music, chill out, etc.
I am submitting this record in particular because I think that it is a very special composition and the reason is because when I composed it I wanted something that had to be among the usual sounds of relaxing music (pads, no drums, etc), and background/ambient music. In fact, I used a very light drum (not invasive and ethereal), an acoustic bass, piano, classic guitar (all the sounds have particular reverbs and delays to give open spaces to the track) and some traditional pads to give the track the relaxing/new age flavor.
— Frank Iengo

And he’s right - it is beautifully done - I particularly like the classical instruments - the bass, piano and guitar parts - there’s a level of “taste” that is often missing in many New Age tracks - and he doesn’t go overboard with the production either - just the right amount of reverb to create the space without making your ears ring.

One of the cool things about this track is that Frank has already featured on the Essay Writing list when Matt Jenko and I had swapped lists and I was running his Music to Save The World list. Matt fell in love with the EP and ended up interviewing Frank. You should check it out here - it is a great insight into Frank’s approach to music and the music industry plus you can learn more about Frank’s other projects.

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