It's the insistent high hat that makes this perfect for the playlist.  I'm all for pure instrumental percussion free tracks - what is often referred to as "New Age" but - there has to be a sense of movement in the track - it has to give energy rather than take it.

I'm a Moby fan - I love his music, his art, his politics and generally what he puts out into the world.  I'm not a super fan though, I don't listen to everything he comes out with and I don't actively follow what he's up to - but when he appears on my radar, I'm normally pretty stoked.

I don't know much about the album it comes from - Hotel - (well Hotel: Ambient) but if Eno was hanging around airports then I'm guessing Moby can do the same thing for Hotels.  It's all about the people and how they interact and this is killer music for people watching.

I just had the track on repeat for the last 90 minutes and knocked a load of text - it worked really well!


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