You should probably know by now that I'm a total hippy - that I believe if we all just got to know each other better and hung out and shared our music - that the world would be a happier place.

Music is one of the few things that crosses culture - certainly nowadays when it doesn't have to travel by plane, or ship, or camel even - but even back in the day when the soviets were dismissing western culture in the 60's and 70's, there was a vibrant sub-culture of people swapping Beatles records and getting down.

What I particularly like is how technology is now making it easier for people to share their musical culture in formats that are becoming more and more accessible.  If the global music industry was dominated by the British and Americans through the second half of the last century - we're now seeing a sea change.  International artists have access to the technology, they have access to the songs and they are bringing their own references, their own harmonic touch points and you know what - they sound bloody great.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) can sound very similar, particularly when it's constrained within a typical western melodic scale - but if you keep the beat, keep the instrumentation but bring in a different melodic scale - theorists among you might suggest the Phrygian Dominant Scale! -  then you've got a whole new palate to play with.

Viken Arman appeared on my Spotify suggestions for one of my instrumental playlists and this track just resonated with me.  It's instantly familiar and yet different and interesting all at the same time - which is to me - the perfect writing music.  There's energy from the beat track and there's enough of a loop for me not to get too distracted - but when I do turn my attention to the track - there's enough going on that I want to listen to it again.

And so I do - most of this last hour actually - and look at what I just wrote!

You should take it out for a spin.

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