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I originally had this track lined up for a Save the World! entry later this year, but Cam from Music to Practice Yoga's June feature sparked the Odesza fever in me and so I had to bump it to the front of the queue!

While the original version of this track is perfect music to Save the World! to, it's instrumental sibling is equally perfect for getting you into the right frame of mind for writing with fluid pace and energy. Sandwich this track in between a couple of more measured pieces, and you'll find your listening space is structured in such a way that you periodically enter into periods of rapid delivery, vital islands of momentum that keep your writing fresh and full of movement. 

Starting in a moderate and understated fashion, Say My Name can materialise seamlessly from the outro of the previous track without interrupting your listening flow. The movement that occurs within the track itself is graduated and steady, encouraging you to a measured rise in output without ever feeling frantic or jarring. There's no denying the track hits hard at it's peaks, but this feels euphoric rather than intrusive: writing from a place of sonic elevation, you feel almost as if you're soaring above the literary landscape unfolding beneath you. Having an aerial view of our writing affords us a perspective that's not often easy to attain, and the rush the song delivers when it pushes into these places puts us in an incredibly positive place - a place that allows us to assess our work with kindness instead of criticism.    

Odesza are without a doubt one of the most exciting artists on the electronic scene at the moment. Their ability to blend the staples of hip hop and dance music with exotic textures and ambient soundscapes places them uniquely to be able to cater to virtually any mood or occasion. I often create solely to their music, although their sound is one that can be complimented by other experimental visionaries such as Flume and Bonobo. I highly recommend you use this track to delve further into the aural universe they're weaving, and pull as much of it as you can into your sonic toolbox. 

Your writing will thank you for it!

Perfect Essay Writing Music: Himalaya by Ellipsis

The Music to Write An Essay playlist is sponsored this month by Himalaya from Ellipsis.

The journey begins; fresh Chillstep from Ellipsis to help you focus and get writing. Stream it now:

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