I don't know about you but I'm super suspicious of all the Massage / New Age / plinky plunky "Spa" music that's out there - I tend to find most of it blandly put together samples with the odd bit of nature sound thrown in for fun.  This track isn't like that.

I'm doing some design work - OK - so not actually writing an essay but it isn't too dissimilar - I'm researching - looking at different visuals - hunting down an idea and comparing web pages.  I've got an idea of what I want the human beings to experience and I'm mapping it out with paper and pencil.  I've had this track on repeat for the last 45 minutes and it had me in such a zone I popped out and wrote this!

It's the loop nature of it - my brain groks the core them - here driven by the piano - and the guitar just sits on top and noodles - but not in that annoying "Dude look at me - I play in a metal band and I just got my first Ibanez" - more in a considered, thoughtful accompaniment to the keys.  My brain recognizes the loop but doesn't get bored because the guitar track brings the interest - but of course, not too much interest!

It's hypnotic, focused and perfect music to work to

There's not much information about Konzentration Akademie on the web but you can check out their Spotify page here: