I love tracks that open like this - there's an immediate sense of energy and urgency and yet - it's not overwhelming or overpowering - it just picks you up and gently carries you along.  Perfect opening track for an essay writing playlist. 

This is another track from the PLOS article on what music authors use to write to - this time from the article's author - Steve Silberman.  We won't "borrow" too much of his text but here's what he has to say about the track:

These days, while I’m confined to my glorious prison-cum-monastery for months working on my book NeuroTribes: Thinking Smarter About People Who Think Differently, Steve Reich’s astonishing Music for 18 Musicians is helping me stay on track. I still remember the first time I heard 18, walking into Recycled Records on Haight Street in San Francisco in 1979 and asking the cute music geek behind the counter (who is now my friend on Facebook — life is wonderfully strange) “What is this music?”
Steve Silberman - Author

You should totally read the rest of the article - it's fantastic.

You can learn more about Steve Reich here

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