So I'm breaking my own rules on this track but hey - sometimes you just gotta try something a little different - this track has words - not a lot - but definitely a sense of lyric, and yet...

It's that opening - simple notes - an element of expectation and then the most hypnotic beat - I'm hooked - I'm also flowing.  And when the lyric comes - "It's nothing but your ego" - it just feels kinda perfect.  It's not telling me a story - it's not asking me to listen along - it's just putting something out there.

I find I can write to it super easily - and when I do hear the lyric - I chuckle and get back to work!

This from their Beatport bio:

FEATHERED SUN is a collective of collaborative spirit, trying to celebrate moments in time through their music. NU, jO.K.e, Raz Ohara, Chris Schwarzwaelder, Iannis Ritter and Acid Pauli are all friends who have known each other for years. They hang out, with or without kids; and cook, eat, breathe, record and produce in different combinations and locations, with Berlin and Lima/Peru as their main bases.
— Feathered Sun

You can learn more about Feathered Sun here:

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