See that big ass Cathedral in-between the two statues, stuck in the middle of nowhere, marooned like a ship on the ocean?  I sang there.  I was a chorister.  It was amazing!

I think the trick with essay writing music is to be able to play the same track on repeat and not notice that you've been listening to the same thing for the last 2 hours!  Not everyone is a Pink Floyd fan (crazies!) but if you dig Gilmore's guitar and you don't need Roger's lyrics clogging your language centers (we don't need no education!) - then this song is going to float your scholarly boat!

This track comes from David Shenk from the PLOS article.  I love how he writes about music to write to:

For reasons that no one wants to hear about, I spend an awful lot of time obsessing on this question: The perfect music for just the right mindset to create just the right paragraph. For every twenty minutes of music that I actually listen to, there may be four or five hours collecting it, pruning it, backing it up, setting up a streaming server, choosing the right headphones…
David Shenk - Author

You can learn more about Pink Floyd here: