Another writer from the PLOS article, this time Ed Yong, Science writer at The Atlantic.  He only had one recommendation - this track and here's what he had to say about music to write to:

I need something with no lyrics, that’s dramatic but not too fast. Like the auditory equivalent of fourth gear.
Ed Yong - Writer

If you don't know the movie Requiem for a Dream and you feel like getting blasted in the face with everything that can go wrong in life - particularly if you live on the wrong side of the tracks - check it out.  It's brilliant and an awesome movie but you feel totally drained and depressed by the end of it.  Although to be honest - it sure does help you say no to that next - hell, first - shot of smack or amphetamine!

However, as far as essay writing music goes, you know it's going to put you in some kind of mood - for me - it's that spooky, edgy, metronomic vibe that makes me want to hurry up but keeps me focused at the same time.  It's a little short to put on repeat but even so - it's a great example of instrumental, energetic music to write to.

You can learn more about Clint Mansell here:

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