Well come on - the series started again this week so it was a pretty easy choice!  Having said that - this is a killer track and really rewards repeated listening.

Coming in just shy of 10 minutes, I've been working to this track on repeat for the last couple of days.  For all the quiet simplicity of the opening it's a massively dynamic track with energy levels increasing all the way through the track - different instrumentation different volumes - but with that same recognizable theme running under it.

Some people think essay writing music should be all quiet and bland and sure - sometimes that works but other times I want the music to be inspiring too.  I don't know about you but I don't write in a steady monotonous fashion - I write, I stop, I think - I write again - I read it - I delete it - the whole process is one of fits and starts.  If I get on a great roll I can type for 5 or 7 minutes without stopping, but I'll eventually need to pull back and see how my thoughts are coming out on the page.

It's time like this that I want dynamism in my writing music - I want to experience different emotions - I want to be picked up and swept along with the organ or the arpeggiating cellos - and then I want it to stop - so I can breathe and see where I've got to.

For longer form tracks like this - tracks that are closer to 10 minutes long - I love to stick them on repeat.  By the third or fourth time through you can predict how the energy level is going to change and allow yourself to go with it.  As ever - you should take this out for a spin...

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