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The sun sets over the Himalayas. Spiritual and warm, the golden warmth of the last rays of light sets the majestic peaks ablaze, as ancient voices echo across the slopes. 

We're standing in a place of infinite calm. Our worries and problems are whipped away by the wind before they have chance to surface in our consciousness, and all the things we feared would come to pass pale in significance as we stare out across this majestic landscape. 

Take a breath. 
We're home.

This is true focus. The kind of place we go to when the words we're writing take on a life of their own and carry us away to a space of creative clarity. We're tuning in to that ancestral compulsion to place ourselves within our world, and to then write about it. We've always told stories, it's inextricable from the fabric of human being. 'Landscapes' is a portal that brings you here instantly; without even realising, you've been immersed in the world that RelaxingVibe has created. It's spacious without being sparse; reassuring, without being bland. There's a mystery to contemplate as you swim through these mesmerising textures, layering extra levels of depth to your writing as you consider hidden layers of meaning behind every word and phrase. Sure, there's a risk that everything you write in this state might be a little *too* soulful, but that's what editing is for, am I right ladies and gentlemen?


I wrote that last paragraph deeply immersed in this track, and I can honestly say I didn't plan to write a single sentence of it. I just let the words write themselves, under the influence of the intoxicating aural portrait that Landscapes paints, and just as I said, they took on a much deeper meaning than they would had I been listening to something else (or nothing at all!) 

We all know the power of music to bring out the best in our writing. It's an integral part of my creative arsenal, and I'm always looking for music that allows me to vacate reality. To create, we need to suspend disbelief, embrace that which by definition cannot yet exist, and (unless you're writing a scientific paper, in which case you absolutely must not do this) completely disregard reality in order to breathe life into something that yesterday merely existed as an abstract series of electrical impulses along our busy cerebral highroads. RelaxingVibe's sonic masterpiece is the perfect accompaniment to the esoteric craft of crafting. Add it to your palette, and write with weightlessness. 

Your assignment for this week to bring an extra layer of depth to your writing using this lesson's source material. I have no doubt that after a couple of spins of Landscapes, you'll be writing with renewed vigour and the sense of freedom that only comes from tuning out the modern noise and channelling the energies of our forbears. Class dismissed. 


Those of you who follow me on Save the World (and to those of you who don't, you really should. I'm hilarious.) will know RelaxingVibe from my last submission before Andrew took the reins, Blackout by Pynk64, aka the talented Mr Frank Iengo. Frank is a musical supernova, delving into just about every style and genre you can think of, and there's almost certainly something within his menagerie of musical mysteries for everyone to enjoy. I'll be interviewing Frank over the coming weeks (whenever Andrew isn't interviewing me), so keep your eyes peeled (not literally pls I've said this before but you can never be too careful) for some deeper insight into the man behind the music. 



Perfect Essay Writing Music: Himalaya by Ellipsis

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