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As a writer - have you ever just sat down - let the words flow and then without review or editing - hit send?

Of course you have - we all do - and for essay writers - producing something to a deadline - we’re even more susceptible to the need to just “get it out there” - to be done and to move on.

But that’s not how professional writers work - people who make a living from their words see the act of creation as just one step in the process - hell - even I’m editing this as I write - that opening sentence was originally three! A first draft is just that - a draft - it is only through review - through examination and “objective” assessment that we tighten it up - improve the flow and ensure seamless transition of our idea.

But music is a little different. For sure - professional musicians have editors - we call them producers - all your favorite albums by all your favorite artists benefited from an external perspective that honed the hit while trimming the excess. But improvisation has an established and respected place in music - from Jazz through the Grateful Dead to the uniqueness of every live performance - not only is music allowed to be different - we actively search for that genius moment where we experience true creative flow.

I personally believe that when you’re in the presence of creative flow - when you’re watching an amazing guitar solo at a rock concert or experiencing a pop star work the crowd - or when you’re listening to a recording that was created as a pure expression of the moment - then it helps.

It helps you to write - it helps you to think - it does something weird and intangible and - you get a little bit of the magic rubbing off on you.

I’ve been digging Piotr Wise for a while - his track Walking In The Fog - could have been on this list or the Music to Grieve To list - it may still be one day - (you should check it out!) - but I was struck by his recent release. 4 tracks on an EP that were recorded as a pure act of improvisation inspired by the loss of a friend in a car accident. As he says:

The album has been dedicated to my close friend that I new since I was 4 or 5 YO. Improwave IV - Walk Away is the most personal track I’ve ever written. Musically the album is an experiment. During the recording one of the microphones is facing the forest outside my home-studio, while the other is right by the piano. In such a configuration I simply sat at the piano after midnight and began to improvise listening to the sound of piano, to the sound of nature. . . That night I meet with said friend - Damian Mikrut. He died in a car accident two months later...
— Improwaves - Piotr Wiese

The EP is an interesting trip but Walk Away is the stand out - for me at least. I started out writing to the full EP but ended up putting Walk Away on repeat and that’s when I started to flow.

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Andrew McCluskey musicto Playlist Curator

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the Dark Forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top, they would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

I’ve been fascinated by music ever since.

As a psychology graduate I studied how sound affects human performance.

As a musician I compose instrumental music that stimulates your brain but doesn't mess with your language centers, leaving you free to be creative and brilliant without distraction.

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