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One of the reasons Musicto playlists are different from the soulless things that get delivered to your phone several times a week - is the writing.  Think about it - when you interact with a playlist on Spotify or Apple there's no context, there's no reason as to why you should listen or what to listen for - it's just served up, track after track like a great big smorgasbord!

We believe that adding words, adding context, adding reason to a track makes it far more likely that someone will listen to it.  Likewise, by marketing our playlists on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people will actually learn about the tracks and playlists far more easily than if we were just doing playlist marketing inside Spotify etc.

As a curator i am no different.  When somebody submits a track to the lists I curate the first thing I look at is the words.  I read the words long before I listen to the track and as the number of submissions increase it is likely that I won't bother to listen to the track if the words don't resonate with me,

So this track - which I have been listening to on repeat for the last 45 minutes - to which I have written two genesis posts and had three separate insights - why did it make the list?  Here's what Will Bradford the artist and guy who submitted the track wrote:

this “mostly” instrumental...another anti-genre submission from Seepeoples should get someone in the groove to write paper...or fuck it off and do drugs...

either way....something will happen!
— Will Bradford - Seepeoples

It showed he'd read the playlist description with the "mostly instrumental" and the whole point about getting people in a groove to write - but it was the humor at the end that got me - he didn't need to write a tome - he just needed to get my attention.

This track might not be for everyone - it took me a couple of listens to get into the groove - but now that I'm in - it has this killer energy - the vocal dubs somehow blend The Beatles Revolver with 80's UK Happy Mondays - well - at least to my addled brain - and yet, it works brilliantly.

Look what I just wrote?!  You should probably take this out for a spin...

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About the Curator: Andrew McCluskey

Andrew McCluskey - Musicto Curator

The first visual memory I have is that of the white upright piano in Singapore, Hell and the dark forces lived at the bottom, Heaven and the Angels at the top. They would play battles through my fingers and I was hooked.

Although I've always played, I haven't always been a musician.  Most of my twenties were spent working with people, buying and selling and learning how the world works.  It was in my thirties that I came to America and focused on music and began to develop music2work2.