I've been away on vacation for a week - Australia - it was awesome - but - trying to get back into the writing groove has been a bear.  Which is why I've been particularly stoked about this track.  It's been on repeat for the last hour and I just burned through the first 6 items on my to do list that could have taken my days!

There aren't many published tracks from Keats' Handwriting, which is a shame 'cos if Grunwald is anything to go by they'd be on similar rotation.  There's an old school vibe to this - bits of it remind me of the Enigma track but this is much hipper - all cascading bell tones and tight percussion.

Keats' Handwriting also curates one of the oldest and largest Instrumental Music to Work to playlists on Spotify - you should check it out - it's great.

You can learn more about Keats' Handwriting here:

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