I had never heard of Catrin Finch or Seckou Keita before but I was following a thread inside Spotify that was supposed to be an essay writing playlist and yet most of the music was just - meh!  I bounced off one artist into a different playlist, started going down that and the opening bars of this track just grabbed me by the ears.

Essay writing music should have energy - there should be a drive and pulse to the track that feeds the writer - oh and yes, there can't be any distinguishable lyrics to distract your language center.  This track delivers on all those requirements.

You can learn more about Catrin Finch here:

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You can learn more about Seckou Keita here:

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What's Your Favorite Music to Write to?

We love hearing about tracks that people use to help them write. If you've got a track that you use on a regular basis, take a minute and let us know - we'd really appreciate it.

What's Your Music to write To?