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I've been grooving on this track for a few weeks now - there's just something about it that I can't get out of my head - and that's a good thing - I think!

A relatively short track for the Essay writing list but it rewards repeat listening.  It's the soundscape that I fell in love with - sure the hypnotic underlying groove picks you up and drags you in, but it's the variety of sounds that keep you interested.

It isn't the most sophisticated of pieces - it comes from an album of the composer's early works - but the simplicity of the beat track actually compliments the entire piece and I just want to fall into it again and again and again...

I reached out to Yann and asked him where the track came from:

This song is part of my “Early Works (2007-2010)”, a compilation of 10 ambiant / electronica songs, produced between 2007 and 2010, and finally released 2 weeks ago!
About “Flocons”: I composed it in 2010 in London. I went for a first date with a stunning girl. It was really romantic: we went for a night walk along the Thames River in London, stopped for a glass of wine on the way, and I took her back to her place. We said goodbye on her doorstep. She only gave me a kiss on the cheek, but the kiss was electrifying! I walked back home, in the middle of the night, tipsy, in love, and with the melody of “Flocons” in my mind. Back home, I had a quick recording session to produce Flocons. It remained 8 years in my hard-drive and I finally released it (with other “early works”) 2 weeks ago. :)
— Yann Dulché

And that's the brilliant thing about music isn't it - just reading Yann's story and sensing the state of excitement he must have been in - to my ears anyway - I'd never have suspected a track of this almost "foreboding" would have come from such an inspiration! ;-p

But that's also why I love music so much - it doesn't matter where it comes from or what the composer originally intended - the minute it's out in the world it's yours, mine, everybody and anybody's and its meaning is unique to us alone.

You should check out more of Jann's works in the links below:

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