If there's one thing I abhor above everything else on the planet - it's snobs!  People who know, or even profess to know more about a subject and who hold it above you like a double edged sword to invalidate how you feel about something.  Fuckers!

And while there are horse snobs, boat snobs, car snobs and even god forbid beer snobs - the worst of the fucking worst are music snobs.


Music is amazing - it's one of the few things that is eternally prevalent in human culture that isn't eating, sleeping or procreating.  There is so much music out there - no seriously - sooooooo much music and you don't need to "know" about it or understand it to appreciate it.

This is Bach - Johann Sebastian Bach, you might have heard of him.  You probably won't have heard of Charles Gounod, the guy who wrote the melody but who combined it with Bach's work to create the piece you're currently listening to.  Music's like that - it's messy - ideas come from different places and are combined to produce something bigger than the sum of its original parts...what, and you thought sampling was new?

But forget where it comes from, listen to it - it's beautiful - it's brilliant, it's played by one of the best cellist's of the recording era and while I don't know Kathryn Stott, she's certainly no slouch.

Put it on repeat and knuckle down.

Music is awesome.

Classical music is awesome.

Your essay when written with this in the background will be awesome!

You can learn more about this track here: