I've been aware of this album for as long as I can remember - it was only when I got into the whole music2work2 thing that I really started to listen to it.  

Put back on my radar by David Dobbs as part of Steve Silberman's epic post on authors and their favorite "writing" music - I did crack up over his comment on the danger of using such chilled out ambient music:

First, a shuffled play of Brian Eno’s ambient albums, such as Music for Airports; second, an ingenious iPod app Eno made called Trope. You tap and rub the screen for a moment, fingerpaint-style, to set the texture for a Music for Airports-like ambient soundscape that will play indefinitely. I’ve done some great planning and some of my better writing lately with that going. The one danger is that the fine ambience and healthy relaxed Zenlike state it produces can convince you you’re getting good work done when it turns out … well, you’re not. A couple times I fell asleep.
David Dobbs, Writer

This makes the playlist because it's such a great example of classic ambient background music, but I tend to agree with David in that it's almost too low energy.  A good one if you're already in the zone and just need a little aural maintenance!

You can learn more about Brian Eno here:

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