WestBam’s You Need The Drugs is definitely high up on my list of the Berlin anthems. The synthesizers, although seemingly mandatory for the widely proclaimed capital of techno make up for a nice, catchy tune, and there’s some almost rock’n’roll vibe coming from the lyrics.

Obviously, the idea behind them is a little grim - actually in contrast to the overall soft feel of the song. Drugs have long been known as a kind of a plague for the sensitive creatives - luring them with promises of taking all the dreaded anxieties of adulthood away. Berlin’s no different - after all, that’s the place where David Bowie has gone on record with his excessive drug consumption accompanied by Iggy Pop and Romy Haag. And I don’t even need to tell you about Christiane F. But trust me on this one: this song gets you just as much when you’re not stoned at all.

Seeded by Michalina Gorajek, The Grass Harp

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