I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a Berlin love song this track is. Not only does its background fit perfectly within the theme - coming from the “Lust for Life” album, it’s a result of Iggy’s collaboration with David Bowie, an extremely prolific partnership that had its roots in the Berlin Hansa Studio. You can actually hear Bowie quite clearly on the backing vocals.

The fast-paced music and the lyrics are basically the default voice in my head every time I tread those dirty Kreuzberg pavements. And the best thing is, it doesn’t take too skilled an observer to tell that others feel the same - all the old-time punks, the tattooed hipsters clad in black, and silly girls like me, aspiring at looking goth, but saving up on the eyeliner. I for one definitely came for some weird sin. Thank God things never get too straight around here.

Seeded by Michalina Gorajek, The Grass Harp

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