I'm usually a complete sucker for lyrics, and can't really truly fall in love with a song unless I've taken a long trip down the memory lane and found a relevant moment of my life to fit the artist's words. 

Well, this song by the American alternative rock band They Might Be Giants does not fall under this category. There's no way of telling what this initially nostalgic track from 1990 could possibly mean, but exactly for this reason, it belongs on the playlist.  While Berlin is more often than not a gripping experience, few can actually clearly express what was the exact nature of that life changing process they got entangled in here - either cause they don't quite know or don't remember - but whatever it was, there's a very high chance you indeed can't drive out the way you drove in. 

Also, just the track itself, your spirit can be easily transformed here from calm and collected to wild and loud and back again in just about two minutes. 

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