Our next nostalgic entry comes from Romy Haag, a genuine Berlin living legend.

She's been one of the most colorful personalities in Berlin, entertaining people with music and the parties she used to host at her club Chez Romy Haag. The origins of her story prove she’d been predestined to come here with an element of a self fulfilling prophecy. Before Haag knew she would move to Berlin, she’d been touring in the US with a show called “Berlin Chanson”.

The drag queen with an exceptionally subtle face only underwent a sex change operation in 1983, ten years after she originally came to Berlin. Still, already at that time she’d been living as a woman, and I’d say a quite happy woman at that, since she’s rumored to be the reason for David Bowie’s move to the city and documented as his girlfriend of around 2 years.

Seeded by Michalina Gorajek, The Grass Harp 

You can learn more about Romy Haag here:

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