Few things fill me with such sadness like the gruesome fact that when Iggy did a gig in Berlin last year, I was still living with my eyes and ears shut, oblivious and deaf to his fantastic work. 

Obviously, I was always aware of his existence - but somehow never really got into binge listening to his albums. Not until I really settled down in Berlin - and I think that's no coincidence. Although Iggy's period in Berlin was but a brief one, you can safely assume it was pretty intense since he shared a flat with David Bowie.

On his latest, amazing album, Iggy hints at his affection towards our beloved capital with the song I'm featuring this week. It's a moody love anthem and my inner soundtrack every time I'm drinking prosecco. Or passing a sign on the street which advertises "schnell Imbiss". Which happenss a lot. 

Seeded by Michalina Gorajek, The Grass Harp 

Photo courtesy of Ross Halfin Photography

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