Wait a bit with dismissing this entry for being a bit cliche - the track comes from 1994, so that time when Rammstein was a dope Berlin band - not an internationally acclaimed hard rock sensation yet. 

Right now, whatever crazy elements they may include in various outlets of their creativity, from concerts to music videos, people aren't quite as shocked as back in the 90s when Till would literally set the stage on fire for the first time. 

That must have felt quite different than now, when, even though he's performing an outrageous act, it's nevertheless an act that the audience is used to. 

And in Feuerräder, a 1994 recording the band has blessed us with on their RARITÄTEN CD, I hear exactly this untamed energy. 

This gritty, almost savage tune with s&m lyrics is intended to be enjoyed while you're getting ready for a night out in Neukölln. At least that's how I do it. 

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