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I'm taking advantage of my guest spot here on the Grieve list by introducing you to one of Australia's finest storytellers Mr. Paul Kelly.

A true Aussie icon, and indisputably the jewel in the crown of home grown artists, in my eyes. Fact or fiction, his writing has the ability to lift you from the darkest of depths or bring you to tears with honesty and realism that cuts to the bone. 

This weeks track is fairly ambiguous from the listeners seat - as the character opens up to his child about his relationship with his Mother.

Personally it takes me back to the loss of my own Mother, when I was six.

Coming from a solid Catholic family - my family had decided it was all to much for a child of my age to attend the service. I understand my fathers cup was full and everyone makes their best decision at the time... 

In my later years,however, I can't help but feel a little hurt that I didn't get the chance to say goodbye.

Perhaps one day we will have a father and son chat about this - Maybe some of you can relate.

You can learn more about Paul Kelly here:

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